San Lip Collection

A soft, subtle range of lip pigments, which includes: San Diego – a neutral pale pinkish beige (TS40), San Lorenzo - a deep neutral rose beige (TS30/40), San Souci – a rose-tan colour with beige undertones (TS30/40), San Antonio - a lighter but brighter pink (TS10/20), San Francisco - a magenta-based wine colour (TS0/10), San Pedro - the perfect ‘must have’ light mauve (TS30)

The collection can be purchased in either a 2ml or 6ml pigment bottle pack. We would also recommend purchasing a Mixers & Neutrals Pigment Collection which will enhance colour variations possible within this pigment range.

Titanium Scale: (TS)

What our Elite Trainers Say!

‘K.B Pro pigments are truly amazing to work with. It’s like working with silk, pure luxury. You’ll be spoilt for choice’ JODY

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