New York Pro Pigment

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Product Description

K.B Pro New York is a beautiful dark cool brown brow pigment.

K.B Pro New York is very popular for adding extra depth of colour to other pigments.

A good, natural heal with little loss of intensity. Can heal cool if not warmed depending on the skin type and application method. As this is a cool brow pigment, if used neat some warming with K.B Pro St Lucia should be considered.

Blends beautifully with K.B Pro Las Vegas for a slightly lighter pigment, yet retaining wonderful depth of colour.

K.B Pro New York is another brow pigment that can work well as a shaded eyeliner, when used in conjunction with the slate grey eyeliner pigment K.B Pro Hong Kong. Simply use K.B Pro Hong Kong through the lashes, then shade out with K.B Pro New York.


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