Lets Go

The Ultimate Effect Lashes!

Let’s Go Strip Lashes are a super-fast strip for girls who don't have time for a treatment or who haven't tried falsies before.  They come in 4 fabulous rangesFlirt, Tease, Temptress and Heartbreaker. There are 10 sensational styles in each range, so over 40 different lashes to suit every personality and every different mood!  100% real hair, incredibly easy to apply and re-usable. They are intended for short term wear, remember to remove them before bed…no matter how late or early it is!

  • Flirt - subtle, pretty and devious!
  • Tease - seductive, intensive and ruthless!
  • Temptress - bold, elegant and deadly!
  • Heartbreaker - elaborate, sexy and deadly.!

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